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china bo tote bags


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Customization Production

Sublimation Printed Reusable Shopping Bag Eco-Friendly Tote

MOQ: 100pcs · SIZE: 69X40cm · CUSTOMIZATION: logo, label, fabric, color etc

product information

Sublimation-Reusable-Shopping-Bag-Eco-Friendly-Tote Sublimation-Printed-Reusable-Shopping-Bag-Tote Sublimation-Printed-Reusable-Shopping-Bag-Eco-Friendly-Tote Sublimation-Printed-Reusable-Shopping-Bag-Eco-Friendly
Makes a great stocking stuff and gift for friends and relatives
Eco-friendly, Lightweight, convenient, and very practical for daily use
Each tote can be folded into pouch, only occupy less 3 inches of space, easy to carry in your bag or purse
Zero Waste and Eco-friendly: It’s a everyday essentials, it goes everywhere and hauls anything. Great addition to your goal of helping the environment,and each bags have the potential to eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags over it’s lifetime.Our goal is to reduce the use of plastic, or even say no to plastic.
Foldable convenience: Sublimation Printed Reusable Shopping Bag Eco-Friendly Tote are equipped with their pouch and you will never lose it. It folds up to fit in your pocket or purse. Great for travelling, or just grocery store shopping!
Sturdy and lightweight: Sublimation Printed Reusable Shopping Bag Eco-Friendly Tote are made of eco friendly material which is ideal fabric for shopping bags. It is a lightweight fabric that is also very sturdy and resistant to rips.
Machine Washable: being washable is a must for any recycled / reusable shopping bags. Sublimation Printed Reusable Shopping Bag Eco-Friendly Tote are machine washable, recommend mild detergent and hang to dry.

 <h4 class=”fw-bold”>Product Information</h4>
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                        <td>Sublimation Printed Reusable Shopping Bag Eco-Friendly Tote</td>
                        <th scope=”row”>Fabric</th>
                        <td>190T polyester</td>
                        <th scope=”row”>Handle</th>
                        <td>web handles</td>
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                        <th scope=”row”>Pocket</th>
                        <td>triangle folded</td>
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                        <td>shopping bag,eco tote, folding bag</td>
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                        <td>Sublimation technology</td>


Size: 69X40cm

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