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Customization Production

Little pink velvet bags velveteen pouches wholesale

MOQ: 1,000pcs · SIZE: 80x100mm · CUSTOMIZATION: logo, label, fabric, color etc

product information

Little-velvet-bags-velveteen-pouches Little-pink--velveteen-pouches-wholesale Little-pink-velvet-bags-velveteen-pouches-wholesale

Product Information

Bag Style Little pink velveteen pouches velvet bags
Fabric velvet
Color pink
Top drawstring top
Service custom logo,wholesale velvet pouches
Logo tech heat transfer,silk print,embroidery,emboss
Bottom side flat corners
Care Machine Washable

Size: 80*100(mm*mm)
Weight: 6 (g)
Characteristics of velvet bags
Velveteen pouches are also called little drawstring bags, jewelry bags, and velvet bags. It is a container made of velvet material. The main materials for making little velvet bags are nylon base velveteen, knitted base velveteen, cotton base velveteen, double-sided velvet, plush and so on. Like non-woven bags and canvas bags, velvet bags are also a kind of environmentally friendly bags, and are an environmentally friendly product that replaces plastic bags after the national “plastic limit order” is issued. In recent years, the demand and use range of velvet bags have become larger and larger.

velvet bag features
1. Good practical performance. The velvet bag material can with stand a variety of printing processes such as silk screen, bronzing, silver bronzing, embroidery, thermal transfer, etc., and can print various patterns and characters on the bag surface to enrich the product content and make the product appearance suitable for the application.
2. Lightweight and portable. The velvet itself is light in material, and the sewn cloth bag is light in weight; it adopts the drawstring closing method, which is flexible and convenient, compact and exquisite.
3. The velvet bag feels soft. High flexibility and abrasion resistance, durable.

Types of velvet bags
velvet bags can be divided into nylon velvet bags, knitted velvet bags, plush velvet bags, and velveteen bags according to the production materials; according to the types of lock drawstring, they can be divided into rope velvet bags, drawstring velvet bags, string velvet bags, and single chenille Cloth bag.

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