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Custom Main: Tote bags, Canvas tote bags, Backpacks, Drawstring bags, Handbag, Blank tote bags etc.

china bo tote bags


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Customization Production

Laminated non woven polypropylene tote bags manufacturers

MOQ: 100pcs · SIZE: 28x33x8cm · CUSTOMIZATION: logo, label, fabric, color etc

product information

Laminated non woven polypropylene tote bag manufacturers Laminated non woven polypropylene tote bags manufacturers
We are the one of non-woven bags manufacturers, our tote bag is Laminated bags, which are made from laminated woven polypropylene, laminated nonwoven polypropylene or laminated recycled PET. They can be easily cleaned by spraying or wiping down. Some have a matte finish while others are more glossy. Notable,we use ultrasonic thermo-compression forming non-woven fabric bag, making standard workmanship, three-dimensional shape, durable, smooth bottom, foldable and portable, and reused many times. The load-bearing capacity is about 20kg, and it can be stored for 2 years without damage. Custom colors and size,logo,happy inquiry!

Product Information

Style Laminated non woven polypropylene tote bags manufacturers
Fabric non woven polypropylene
Handle web handles
Top open
Bottom Gusset boxed corners
Color black
Printing process screen print
Feature Laminated,Ultrasonic technology


Size: 28x33x8cm

Weight: 80 (g)



Reasons to Choose Polypropylene Non-Woven Bags

  • This material feels like canvas but is actually a type of plastic.
  • It is clean, recyclable, and even machine washable.
  • Easily customized to convey your brand and brand messaging
  • Polypropylene is one of the most versatile types of plastics
  • Stiffness – it will stand up on its own for loading and unloading
  • It is strong, flexible, and non-toxic
  • Designed for reuse

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