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Custom Main: Tote bags, Canvas tote bags, Backpacks, Drawstring bags, Handbag, Blank tote bags etc.

china bo tote bags


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Customization Production

custom personalized logo Cheap totes bag

MOQ: 300pcs · SIZE: 35x30cm · CUSTOMIZATION: logo, label, fabric, color etc

product information



Style custom personalized logo cheap totes bag
Fabric canvas
Handle web handles
Top Top zip closure or open
Bottom Gusset flat corners
Printing process screen printing
Care Machine Washable


Size: 35x40cm


Tote Bags for Beach Trips

You can not go to the beach without all the necessities. Totes bag are the perfect choice for all the sunscreens, water bottles, towels, toys, and snacks. From a 10”x9” small totes to the roomy 17”x19” extra large, there is a size to satisfy any customer. You also have the option of ordering a size and logo of your own specifications.

High-Quality Custom Patterned Tote Bags

There is no need to follow the crowd when looking for a patterned bag. You can enjoy lovely prints with your personalized logo. Every print is available of 50 or 100 with a low minimum order, and cheap pricing that will allow you to stock each style and still make a profit.


Durable Tote Bags for Moms

One of the terrors of motherhood is wrestling with the bulky diaper bags. our canvas totes are OK for extended use, but for a quick trip to town on errands, these tote bags will make mom feel like a star. They are the perfect way to pack a bottle or two, a handful of diapers, and a couple of toys. Tuck the bills and shopping list i,there is also room to spare for mom’s wallet, keys and a mirror.


Organization Fundraisers

Fundraisers are a fun way to help your school or club raise money, but let’s face it, who really needs another candle or bar of chocolate? By customizing totes bags with your school or group logo, you will be ready to rake in the profits. By offering a functional product that will not overwhelm your sense of smell and is actually zero calories, you are bringing people a fresh item that they will actually use every day. This is the originality that will carry your fundraiser to success.


Promote Your Brand with Custom Tote Bags

The best way to get your brand out to the people is with customized totes bags. Use them with your personalized shop logo as special bags for loyal customers as a way to say thank you, or offer them for sale as a smart alternative to plastic bags. Your customers will help you advertise by using your bag where ever they go.


Eco-friendly Tote Bags

Our tote bag is very eco-friendly, using a chemical-free process of manufacturing, and less ink than traditional bags. No matter how you market these customizable tote bags, they can allow you to add a popular and profitable item to your inventory.


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